17 MAY

I´m half Norwegian, but I have never celebrated 17 May until 2019. 
This year my sister and I invited friends for a party, 
so we could celebrate Norway´s National Day. 

Name of the party/theme for the party

"17 May"

Number of guests/who were invited

We had invited some of our friends and 25 guests participaded at the party.


When the guests arrived they got a "start number" for their team and they had to mingle to find the rest of their team. 

During the starter the teams got their first assignment. They were supposed to find out if the whole team had any common denominator to Norway. The teams also got other assignments to do during the party, for example: send a "Funny Norwegian History" to me and make a 17 May parade.

The team that won the "most funny Norwegian history" was outstanding! See the film:

We also had other activities during the party:

Celebrity relay, music quiz, Norwegian words quiz etc. We also had a prize for the best costume and a "all-in-prize". 

Shots á la Norwegian Style 

Of course we served "Pølse med lope" (sausage with potato bread) as a snack later on that night.


We had decorated the party room with lots of Norwegian flags and plenty of decorations in red, blue and white. All the guests had made an effort to dress to match the theme. One guest came as a salmon, one with the whole outfit as an skier and one guest came as "Skavland". I just love that my friends goes all-in!

Food and beverages

Norway is famous for eating a lot of sandwiches, so as a starter we had "Smørbrød".

As main course we had a typical Norwegian dish called "Biffsnadder med båtpoteter og bearnaisesaus" (meat with potato and bearnaise sauce. For dessert we had "Bløtekaka"(cake). 

Take a look inside the cake: 

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