Mr. Grey will see you now has been a theme for me and my friends for three parties. 

We have had a happening around the premiere of every Fifty Shades movie.  

The concept has been to met up for a nice mingle and snacks and then go to the cinema to see the movie and then go out to have dinner at a night club - a "Ladies Night Out".

This is lite about how I arrange the party for the last mingle and movie "Fifty Shades Freed".

Name of the party / theme for the party

Mr. Grey will see you now

Number of guests / who were invited

12 friends (13 with me)


When the guests came they had to sign "the contract" and after that they got a "goodie bag". I had asked two of our local stores if I could get some samples to put in the "goodie bags" and I had also bought a grey tie for everyone. They also got candy and a key to the "playroom" so every guest got to go in to the "playroom" and pick a "toy".

We mingled for a couple of hours and had some food and beverages. I had also prepared a quiz and the winning team got lip gloss with a text about "biting their lips"...

After the mingle we went to the cinema to watch the movie (Fifty Shades Freed). After the movie we went to a night club to have dinner and continue our "Ladies Night Out".

Food and beverages

I had made some food and snacks that's easy to eat when you mingle. For example I had made bruschetta, pasta salad, a "salmon and roe cake" and puff pastry (with olives, prosciutto, chevré, honey, thyme) called "Shy Olives" and my sister made custards with hot jalapeño cheese. I also served cheese and crackers, crostini with tapenade, fruit, vanilla cookies, prosciutto, olives, candy, potato chips... and probably some more things...

We served rosé wine and sparkling wine and of course some non-alcoholic beverages.


Since we've had three parties now I could reuse some of the details from former parties. But some of the details were new (it´s so fun to have time to find new details when most of them is already done). 

For example did I make vanilla cookies ("I don't do vanilla...") this year and found food coloring pens so I could write "you must eat" on them.

I had also ordered a ballon (Charlie Tango) for the party. I love this detail!

I also wrote "Hard limits" on the candy jar with hard candy and "Soft limits" on the jars with soft candy.

I had put up signs with different quotes from the film too (eg. "Laters Baby" so the guests saw that on their way out, in the elevator " What is it with elevators?", at the bathroom I had hang up a sign "What´s your fantasy"). I had also made lots of signs around the food with the text "You must eat". I had also made signs looks like e-mail conversations between Anna and Christian that described the food. 

I had also hanged up some grey ties in the bathroom and put pencils in a glass for the quiz (Ana got a pencil from Christian when she made the interview).

For this kind of parties I really love Pinterest! I've got so many good ideas from there...

I got this Prosecco from some of the guest. I just love when my friends goes all-in on my theme parties... Even though I got a bit shy when they gave it to me...


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