Here is a checklist when you're about to plan a theme party.

  1. Chose a theme (see "How to get started" for more information).
  2. Find a date that's suitable.
  3. Write a guest list (so you know the maximum amount of guests). Consider if kids are invited or not.
  4. Decide if it´s going to be a cover charge, if it´s going to be at potluck or if the guest eg. should bring their own beverage.
  5. Make a budget.
  6. Designate a venue for the party and if necessary book it.
  7. Send the invitation to the guests. Tip! Set the response date (RSVP) no later than two weeks before the party and remember to ask if the guest has a special diet. Make sure it´s clear who/whom the invitation is for (eg. if kids are allowed at the party and if it´s ok to bring a date).
  8. Make an activity- and time planning for the preparations (eg. decor, activities at the party, music, food, contacts). TIP! Structure it as a "to-do-list".
  9. After the response date:
  • Make the table seating (if you're planning of having that)
  • Plan for the cooking
  • Make a shoppinglist
  • Divide the guests in to teams
  • Make a time schedule for the party (eg. when the food should be served, the order of the activities etc.).

10.      Have the party and don't forget to have fun!

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