I´ve been hosting a number of Halloween Parties during the years. 

Hopefully this will inspire you this Halloween!

2016 me and a friend and our husbands arranged a Halloween Party for kids on a Friday and for adults on Saturday the same weekend.

This is some idéas from the party we had for the adults

(Click here if you would like to get some inspiration for Halloween party for kids instead).

Name of the party/theme for the party

Halloween party (we hadn't invited to a special theme, but we had decorated the party in "hospital theme".

Food and beverages

For dinner we served a buffet with chicken, pasta salad, parma ham, basil sauce and bread.

For dessert we had a chocolate cake decorated with candy that looked like snakes and raspberry sauce that would look like blood. We put a knife in it when we served it. We also served coffee and we served avec in test tubes. Later in the evening we had snacks and candy.

The guests were offered a welcome drink and avec, other drinks the guests had to bring themselves.


We had rented a party room that´s located in the woods, so it's a good place for a Halloween Party. It´s also not very modern and it makes it even more spooky. We decorated it with some Halloween and hospital details.

We also used my fog machine in the party room when the guests arrived. It does not require much details to make it feel scary. 

We decorated the fireplace with lots of odd block lights. Branches, bats in paper and lightning by using a flashlight make delicious shadows on the wall...

We used black tablecloths and not so much decorations on the tables as the tables were not so big.

In the background we had a projector playing black and white horror movies on one of the walls. We also had a "witch cauldron" that makes fog/smoke and changes color. That also makes nice effects.

I also use a lot of sound effects when it´s Halloween. Among other things, I usually hide a small music player at the bathroom that plays ghost sounds (laughter, screaming, creaking doors, noise of bad weather etc...).

I´m also trying to use light sources in different shapes, light loops, block lights candle holders, flashlights etc. It´s also fun to use different details such as printed photos on faces that´s been put in a large jar and filled with water, spider webs and spiders, blood on the bathroom mirror, a doll or a mask that peaks from the outside of the window etc.

This Halloween we had lots of details with the theme "hospital" (we were dressed as nurse and doctor, had some body parts spread in the room, test tubes and syringes with drinks) and I had also ordered "blood bags" from Wish (https://www.wish.com). I filled them with red wine and served the guests now and then. We had also made cordons and signs in the room.

The hospital theme was successful and Dr. Martin handled the delivery of avec in the test tubes very well!


When the guests arrived we played "ghost music" and they were offered a welcome drink served in a syringe. They also got nacho chips with salsa and guacamole served from a pumpkin that looked like it vomited.

All guests did not know each other, so we had a customized "Halloween" mingling bingo so all the guests had a chance to introduce themselves to each other.

After the mingling bingo the guests received a half card from a deck. Red cards for the ladies and black cards for the men. The other half was placed on the tables. This became an easy way to decide where the guests should sit at the tables. The tables also became the teams for the competitions during the evening.

When they all had find their seat they were given the first assignment - name the team. After that we had the first competition, a quiz with questions about Halloween, related lyrics etc. While they were answering the questions we prepared for the dinner.

After dinner we had more competitions. Among other things, a taste test where one from every team had to eat things with connected eyes and guess what it was (we tried to get some different consistences, including peeled grapes), we also had the game Beanboozled, blow a balloon until it snaps and a music quiz.

We also had everyone to vote for the best costume, so we had a prize ceremony later in the evening.

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