Idéas when planning a Pyjama Party

In September 2017 I arranged a pyajama party for my childhood friends. Some of the friends haven't I met for over 15 years. It was so nice to meet everyone again. There was a lot of laughter and nice memories.

On this site I will describe what I planned and arranged for this occasion. 

I hope that can inspire you to have a Pyjama Party too!

Name of the party / theme for the party

Pyjama Party

Number of guests / who were invited

6 childhood friends (7 with me)


I had prepared some alternative for activities (different games, Sing Star, dance mat etc.) but it was such a great mood among us and so much we wanted to "catch up" on so the activities we had (besides eating and drinking) were to look in old photo albums and school catalogs with pictures and write in a 'my friends book'. 

Everyone also had to fill in a paper with the questions: 'What was your dream when you were little?' and 'What's your dream as an adult?'. Then everyone had to guess who wrote what. We also listened to music from the time when we grew up.

Food and beverages

We started the pyjama party with Prosecco and dip with vegetables and chips. I had decorated the drink with cotton candy.

For dinner we ate kebab chicken with pita bread, fruit and vegetables, tropical salsa, coriander, lime and dijon mustard.

For supper we had cheese fondue. It was something my friends wanted, because my dad made it once when we had a pyjama party at my place when we were young.

Of course we also had a candy bar with lots of candies we ate when we were children. Note the bags 😉

After a few hours of sleep it was time for breakfast. Among other things, I served waffles with nutella, vipped cream, banana and maranges. Croissants, fruit and lots of other things were also on the menu.


I focused a lot on nostalgic details at this theme party. Photo album with old photos, candy we ate as kids, candy bags, music we listened to in our childhood, food we ate etc.

Other details I focused on were details about 'sleep'. Stars, clouds, blankets, pillow, quilts, etc.

I also tried to make it cozy with different types of lighting.

I had also arranged a 'goodie bag' for everyone with things that could be usefull on a pyjama party.

Unfortunately, I had catched a cold and had a headache Thursday and Friday before the party that was on a Saturday, so I didn't have enough energy to prepare everything I planed to do, but since I had planned and fixed most of the things in time, almost everything went the way I planned. I have my wonderful husband to thank for helping my plans come true. He helped me with some preparations (eg shopping on Friday because I had to stay in bed all day because of the cold and lack of energy...).

My friends seemed pleased and gratefulled that I arranged the reunion and the most important thing was that we all could meet and have fun, which I definitely had! Hopefully, it won't take too long time till we see eachother again...

More photos from the Pyjama Party

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