I tried to decorate our outhouse (It's not in the best condition). All the flaws could not be hidden, but it became quite good according to what I had to work with...

All the decorations were in pink, turquoise, white and gold, so obviously the cookies and cake matched those colors too.

I really got the decorations and details the way I planned and the most important thing: the guests and my daughter seem to have enjoyed the flamingo party!

When my daughter turned 10 years old I arranged a "Flamingo Party" for her and her friends. 

Name of the party/theme for the party

"Flamingo Party"

Number of guests/who were invited

There were 14 girls invited but some could not come for various reasons, so it became 9 girls who participated.

Candy, sweets and cake

I think the most appreciated at the party was the "candy bar".

I had also baked cakes and other sweets. I had bought a  flamingo form and used puff pastery - so simple and such a nice result!


Some of the activities were "dance stop" and we also offered cotton candy (my daughter got a shining candy stick) and popcorn.

Kicki´s Theme Parties
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