In 2017  my daughter invited friends for a Halloween dinner and I hope you can get some inspiration on this site if you´re thinking of planning 

a Halloween party for kids. 

Name of the party /theme for the party

Halloween dinner

Number of guests / who were invited

14 girls in my daughter's age (10 years old) were invited and 12 of them participated.


The dinner was served when all the guests had arrived. After the dinner they had to solve a mystery. I had bought a mystery from Grapevine so the girls had to be detectives and solve a mystery. An item in a museum (a statue of an Egyptian queen) had mysteriously disappeared and they needed to solve 8 clues to help the intendent to get the statue back to the museum. The clues were connected to Egypt and the girls had to use different knowledge (eg mathematics, geography and logical thinking). The mystery was aimed at the age of 10-13 years, but sometimes it could be a bit difficult for them to solve parts so I had to help them with extra clues some times. They could all figure out the final clue and find the hidden treasure. I had arranged our living room with little objects so it looked a bit like a museum and all the clues were in the room.

When the mystery was solved, we had some free activities. "Shuffle" is so popular right now so most girls danced and shuffled, but we also had other activities for those who didn't want to dance. Among other things, throwing luminous rings on a witch hat...


When the guests arrived they were greeted by signs and cressets outdoors. Once they got into the hall we had hung up a lot of white cloth in the ceiling and between spaces. I also had Halloween music played behind a closed door (storms, screaming, crackling doors, etc.). To get an extra feeling when the guests arrived I used our fog machine so there was some fog in the hall when they entered. We had also put two "gravestones" and some lanterns on the floor.

We also hung up a lot of spider webs and decoration of different kinds (bats, skeletons, ghosts, etc.) and I decorated the tables with different lighting, spiders, skulls, etc.

Food and candy

For dinner we served a buffet with meatballs made like spiders, sausage with spaghetti which was free for interpretation (eg octopus or alien). My daughter and one of her friends helped me prepare them before the party. They also painted clementines so they looked like pumpkins with faces. I had also made marbled eggs with pressed avocado in them so it looked like little worms (I used the garlic press).

They also painted plastic glas with ghost pattern and we filled them with peeled radishes, they also painted other glas with pattern of pumpkin with face and we filled them with carrots and we also made glas with pattern of monster and we filled some of them with pea slices and some of them with cucumbers and black olives on top . I also cut out eyes, nose and mouth in two orange peppers and filled them with corn. We also served pasta in different colors.

For dessert I had made a chocolate cake and decorated it as a "spider web" and we also offered candy. After they solved the mystery, a part of the treasure also was a candy bag. I had found a lot of fun Halloween candy for the bags.

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