When my daughter turned 11 years old I arranged 

a "Hawaii Party" for her and her friends...


Name of the party/theme for the party

"Hawaii Party"

Number of guests/who were invited

This year my daughter only invited a few friends so there were 8 girls at the party.

The invitations looked like flipp-flopps.


We had made bowling beads of empty bottles dressed in aluminum foil and used a coconut as a bowling ball, we had made a "limbo construction" that got popular and of course they used the SPA pool.


Of course we had to make a Tiki Bar (Kicki Bar :-)). 

We also had a backdrop with a beach motive and a pink parasoll... and lots of flowers/palm trees and we had lots of other details at the table setting. We also had ukuleles shaped as fruits and I had made a "surfing board".

Food and beverages

The guest got a welcome drink and snacks when they arrived to the party. I had made a simple drink out of orange juice and grenadine. They also got a goodie bag with candy, sunglasses, a Hawaii necklace etc.

For dinner I had made Poke Bowl and all the girls got to make their own bowl.

We also served candy, cake and fruit and other sweets.

Kicki´s Theme Parties
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