Have you decided to plan a theme party? 

Then I will give you some tips to get started. 

It´s all about the details!

1) When you have decided a theme you want to have on a party, figure out more about the theme. TIP! Pinterest is a gold mine for inspiration and idéas.

2) Think about the details that suits the theme. It could be connected to:

  • The invitation (eg. Agent 007: a secret mission)
  • Food (eg. Charter theme: Flight meal served in a box)
  • Beverages (eg. Mexican Fiesta: Tequila, Corona)
  • Clothing/outfit (eg. Hawaii: bast skirt, lei, flip-flop slippers)
  • Music (eg. Olympic Games: National Anthems)
  • Activities (eg. 17th May: Parade, Funny Norwegian histories)
  • Decor and table setting (eg. Rock party: LPs and lots of lights and stars) TIP! Use colors that fit the theme ans use it as red thread through the decorations. 

3) Find details to the theme by:

  • Look around at home, you might already have things that suits the theme.
  • Recycle from former parties.
  • Borrow details from friends.
  • Create your own "props" (eg. with help from printer and laminating machine or carpenter what you need)
  • Go to a second hand store and search for details.
  • Take the opportunity to make bargains at sale or an outlet.
  • Search at local stores or if needed at on-line-shops. 

4) Remember that it´s impossible to have too much details at a theme party...! 

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