When we visited US last time (March 2018) I got so inspired to throw 

a St. Patrick´s Day dinner. 

It´s not that common to celebrate St. Patrick´s Day in Sweden, but I take all the opportunities I can to plan and arrange a party... I think this might be a tradition for us...

Name of the party/theme for the party

St. Patrick´s Day

Number of guests/who were invited

We were 7 all together. My family and another family.


We had dinner and had a nice time. I hadn't plan any other activities than to eat... And that's what we did all night...


I tried to find everything edible that's green. I also had bought some green string lights with three-clover and some St. Patrick´s Day pins. I used the green platters I have and bought green napkins.

All the guest were told to wear something green too. And they did!

Food and beverages

When the guests arrived they got a drink (colored with food color) and snacks (lots of green vegetables and a dip). 

As a starter we served avocado snaps with shrimps.

For main course we made cod with asparagus risotto, pea foam and kale chips.

We made a simple dessert: Green fruit, green candy and a puff pastry biscuit made as a four-leaf clover.

Of course we served an Irish coffee too.

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